Unstoppable Creative Energy - The Exciting Birth of a New Blog
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Unstoppable Creative Energy – The Exciting Birth of a New Blog

August 20, 2018

It’s 2am and I cannot get my brain to stop!  Does that ever happen to you?

June 27, 2018….I have spent the past 48 hours birthing a new idea. A blog that will share ideas on saving money AND being “green”. Thriftyandgreen.net has been born. This is my experience with Unstoppable Creative Energy – The Exciting Birth of a New Blog.  Also created are the email address, a Facebook page: Thrifty and Green, a Pinterest page, Instagram page, and Twitter with the same name!

So, at 2am my mind is overflowing with ideas that I need to share with you. So as to not wake up the dogs or the parrot so I tippy toed to the night light in the bathroom to scribble my ideas on paper. Then I went back to bed and tossed and turned until 6am when I got out of bed. The adorable dog in the photo is Bree, she is a rescue.  She is the most adorable girl with huge ears which she is hiding in this photo.

My goal is to empower us to make fabulous choices that are simple, easy and make a difference.

Reasons to do something

My heart just breaks when I see images of plastic trash in the ocean, and recently images of beached whales dead from stomachs full of plastic and trash from us. While I have always tried to be green and eco-friendly, I certainly can do a much better job than I have.

I have a special place in my heart for whales. Years ago a young beluga was lost from it’s pod. I happened to be at the beach in Connecticut (I used to live in CT) that week, someone screamed shark and everyone ran out of the water. Then the “shark” spouted and about six of us ran into the water. I do not even have words to express what I felt when this amazing being gently swam amongst us. It would come up and look into our eyes, swim down and gently touch our feet. Not one of us were bumped hard or hurt. Swimming with a wild and free whale, nothing compares.

So you can see why the recent beachings have hurt me at such a deep level, driving me to help create change. Please join me. Each of us can be greener. It won’t hurt a bit, I promise!

We as humans have NO right to kill and injure these beings. (now I am crying in the coffee shop) I will be researching, writing and sharing ideas that are cost effective AND green for all of us. Little acts count – They have to!

If you have children I know you must be concerned about the world we will be leaving them. I look forward to sharing with you proven ideas, products and strategies that we can all do.

What we can do

I have stepped up my game! I finally found the perfect reusable coffee cup! After trying SO many…one from Starbucks that I was unhappy with, the lid had parts that could not be accessed for cleaning. One from Corkcicle which was beautiful but top heavy and would fall over and leak everywhere. Finally the answer, I am totally in LOVE with the 16 ounce Joco. It is artisan made, hand blown glass and fabulous.

Here is the link for my favorite mughttps://amzn.to/2OVrmFu

We have a long road to obtaining Zero Waste, however we all can start now.  We can encourage our friends and family to join us and make a difference.

Not only am I happy to use my Joco, my local independent coffee shop Red Rooster and other local businesses charge a reduced rate for coffee when you bring in a reusable cup. See, Thrifty AND Green!

Many more solutions to come.

Just a bit about me (more later)

So much to share. I live simply in a yurt in the woods in the mountains of Virginia. I live amongst tall trees and nature. I LOVE it! (expect to see a future post about yurts at a later date). It is not unusual during berry season to have big black bears strolling through my property, or huge Pileated woodpeckers building what I call condos in the trees.

On a clear night I can see a few stars flickering through the dome at the top of the yurt. Here is a little Haiku I wrote inspired by the stars:

Morning stars so bright
A gift from so far away
The moment is gone

I often awake in the morning to the resident owl saying goodnight as she goes to sleep. Most mornings there is a symphony of songbirds as well as the chatter of squirrels. Mornings are my favorite time of day.


I am here for you

I will be here with you all of the way. I have to do better! We have to do better! We are connected, there is only one earth and we need to care about our actions, even the little ones. If you have questions or suggestions for a blog subject please reach out. If you would like to submit a guest post please contact me. I am also seeking products that I can honestly review for my readers.

Thank you for reading, please share. Collectively we ARE the answer!


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    Ben Six
    August 20, 2018 at 12:52 pm

    ❤️Love the post and am looking forward to more of them!🌍 Keep being green!🌱 – Ben Six, LivingLifeGreen.net.”

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      August 20, 2018 at 2:50 pm

      Thank you Ben! Little acts matter and together we CAN make a difference. Your blog is wonderful, let’s change the world for the better!

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