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Informative Book Review of New – Paleo Principles S Ballantyne PhD

August 28, 2018

Deciding to Buy or Not to Buy Another Book – This Might Be Helpful If You Are On The Fence

When I ordered my copy of Paleo Principles by Sarah Ballantyne, PhD I really had NO idea how through this book would be! It measures about 1-¾” thick and 672 pages. I will share with you what is in this book so that you can make an informed decision if it is for you.

Sarah goes into many lifestyle subjects and teaches us the importance of diet and how it affects sleep, stress, pregnancy, sun exposure and so much more. She doesn’t Just say “do this” she gives good reasons and scientific reasons behind the why.

One of the things I found the most helpful was the graphic on leaky gut, I am a visual learner. Seeing the “tight junctions” and the illustrated particles escaping through the barrier of the gut is fascinating. Now I have a much better understanding of the underlying issue of my health concerns. Finally it makes sense to me.

The Science Behind It All – The WHY!

The data is in. For those of you who have a science background you will be thrilled to see the why of the Paleo lifestyle. There are summaries of studies that are understandable even to the layman. There is also a lot of ancillary research relating to specific ailments and conditions. Recommendations for kidney health, asthma & allergies, mental health, autism, physical health, pregnancy and lactation and more are very helpful.

There is a nice section on children’s nutrition and health….if only my parents had this information when I was born! The vitamin requirements and a few charts are included.

Helpful Ways To Get Started With Paleo

Lovely little graphics will help to guide you through the book.  Those new to paleo will love the easy quick start guide in chapter 16. There are guides for transitioning to paleo. Sarah discusses the 30 day method and also a cold turkey option, so there is something for everyone. I would be a cold turkey kind of person which is how I started, I know many who would prefer a more gradual approach.

AIP Info Too!

There is also a primer on the AIP or AutoImmune Protocol Paleo. It is that way of eating that has helped me the most with my arthritis. (that story is here: I have not yet gained control of my allergies. That is next on the list.

There are fabulous thoughts on planning ahead, having the tools in the kitchen to make paleo easier, cooking techniques, even baking! And YAY! “High quality dark chocolate is definitely on the menu! (the best news ever)

You can skip all of the science part and flip back to the part I was surprised to find (I did not read the description very well on Amazon before purchasing). There are a lot of wonderful recipes and meal plans towards the back of the book.

Recipe Chapters

Chapters include basics, breakfast, soups, stews & salads, main dishes, side dishes, breads, muffins and snacks, and YES Desserts! There are icons letting you know details at a glance about each recipe: Dairy free, Coconut-free, Low FODMAP, AIP….etc…this is VERY helpful.

The glossary of terms that starts on page 645 is very helpful to understand some of the medical terms used.

My Personal Favorite Tools To Make Paleo SO Much Easier Paleo Principles S. Ballantyne PhD Review

From personal experience my favorite tools in the kitchen include, my beloved Instapot, not only can you make anything at lightning speed, but the cooking container is stainless steel. So many crocks from my crockpots have been cracked or broken!  Can you relate?

Here is the Instapot I bought;

For making Zoodles I just use my old trusty food processor or my affordable handheld tool which can be found here:

A Labor of Love

There is just SO much fabulous information. It will take as long to read it as it must have taken her to write it. I suspect this book will be only one of her legacies. Writing this had to be a labor of love. It shines through in her effort to help teach us to understand the why behind paleo.

I know there are paleo naysayers, and everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just know how I feel when I eat paleo and do not “cheat” and I know that just one nightshade mishap brings back my arthritis pain with a vengeance . It is my opinion that this way of eating and lifestyle could improve so many lives! I wish my mother and sisters were ready for this. They are not, I think that for some the pain has to be unbearable in order to take the leap.

Final Thoughts

This is a wonderful and well organized book. It truly is THE textbook on Paleo. It really has it all, the science, the why, how to do paleo, and in addition it has recipes. If you are interested in paleo or good health this is a great book to have even if you have other paleo books. (I have quite a few)

This is not the kind of book most read from cover to cover.  Paleo Principles will be a resource book for those interested for many years to come.

I want the reader to know I was not paid in any way to write this review, I purchased my own copy on Amazon. I just wanted to share my thoughts on this book since once received it is just SO much more than I expected.

How is this Thrifty or Green?  Well, cooking at home will not only make you SO much healthier, you will save a LOT of $$$. You can start today to invest the time and energy to be healthier.

Thank you for reading and visiting my blog. Please share this article if you feel it will help or inspire someone on their journey.

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