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AIP to The Mediterranean to Improve C-Reactive Protein Levels

September 30, 2018

This post AIP to The Mediterranean to Improve C-Reactive Protein Levels will be a bit of an update about my experience with AIP AutoImmune Protocol. Which is a few steps above and beyond Paleo. See my previous and related article here: 

The super short conclusion of the previous article is that my arthritis and gastro pains totally disappeared after 40 days of being REALLY good on AIP.  So here I will explain the next step in the journey.

After about 3 months total on AIP I am shifting gears. I hope is that there has been enough healing for me to reintroduce a more moderate diet that is beneficial. After doing much research and considering what foods I truly love I have decided upon the Mediterranean diet. I have read the study’s conclusion done quite a few years ago. Recently I joined a Facebook group for The Mediterranean Diet and found others making the leap from AIP.

People have told me before that I should have been born into an Italian family. Olives, garlic, Parmesan, and broccoli rabe’ are amongst my favorite foods. Looking at the list of my favorites and planning to gear up for this I think it will also simplify my life a bit! Here is the heart of the program’s requirements/suggestions (the amounts listed are goals):

Olive Oil 4 Tablespoons daily
Tree nuts and peanuts 3 times per week
Fresh fruits 3 per day
Veggies 2 plus per day
Fish (especially fatty fish) 3 servings per week
Legumes 3 servings per week
Sofrito (think tomato sauce) 2 servings per week
White meat instead of red meat – not often
Wine with meals up to 7 glasses per week

This list was taken right off the study that was published in the NE Journal of Medicine a few years ago. When I went to search to find a simple list of the program it was impossible to find.  So here it is, hope you find this helpful.


Aip to Mediterranean

Grocery list- Mediterranean diet


Note on the above list, the items with green dots are must haves. I have created the list on pretty paper and laminated the outside of it.


Here are the discouraged foods: Some of which are ok in quite small amounts

Soda (which I have never liked)
Commercial bakery goods, sweets and pastries
Spreadable fats (no butter or fake butter) think EVOO with herbs instead
Red and processed meats

Sounds good right? So I have written a shopping list with my favorites in all of these categories (including organic red wines YAY!) There are more details on how to eat on this plan that I am still learning. What is a real problem is when you purchase two lovely cabernet wines and get home to find that your corkscrew is GONE 🙁 Has this ever happened to you? I then tried my handy dandy Swiss army knife which bent then broke.

Last week I found pasta made in Abruzzo with bronze dies and slow dried for flavor. It contains farro and semolina. Farro is an ancient grain that has a wonderfully nutty flavor. The best thing is that it was on clearance! After purchasing one package I went home and boiled some up and called the store to set aside all that they had left on that lovely clearance rack.

My lunch for today was about ¾ of a cup of this yummy farro pasta with a homemade quick clam sauce. I am famous for not using recipes. I gently heated the chopped whole canned clams with a generous amount of olive oil, an ice cube of pesto I had in the freezer, freshly squeezed lemon, and some dried herbs. It was fresh tasting and enjoyable. I should have taken a photo but it is totally gone 🙂

So the journey begins. I have always loved Lidia Bastianich’s cooking shows so today I ordered a few of her books pre loved on Ebay. This will help with meal ideas and inspire next years garden which is SURE to include broccoli Rabe’. If you wonder about broccoli rabe it is a bit like mustard greens. Sauteed in Olive Oil with garlic and a pinch of salt it is something I can sit down and eat an entire plate of.

After about three months on this I will go back and have my award winning and very high C Reactive protein levels checked again. That will be the BIG test. It is a non specific test for inflammation in the system. That inflammation can manifest in many ways and none of them are good. While everyone is not the same, I am hoping that my experience can help others along the way.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Stay tuned for more!

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