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10 Easy Ways to Get Started Being “Green”

October 19, 2018

There are hundreds of ways to be greener. Each one of us will gravitate to different ways and ideas. This post will explore 10 Easy Ways to Get Started Being “Green”. These are some of the ways I started being greener myself. I think we all choose ways that will have the least pain and change associated with developing a new routine. After all we are creatures of habit.

Myself, I have always been more than just a bit reluctant to run to the doctor when anything is wrong. The power of Natural foods and herbal medicines are my go to healing remedies. Call me granola if you wish, however time after time I see that what us “granola” folks believe comes to the forefront many years after we begin to alter our behaviors.

Being part of the “granola” world, I was exposed to the ideas of living off the land, growing your own, buying local, conserving, using non toxic products and more…. WAY before the words Zenoestrogen, Endocrine Disruptor,  and Buy Local became headlines.

Why be Green and Save Money?

Income for me has been unpredictable over the years. I have no aversion to working hard and for long hours, being my own boss is what I have discovered works best for me. So many of my “green” efforts have also been focused on saving as much money as possible. Committing to a monthly bill is like getting married.  I try to limit ongoing monthly obligations.

Now with social media so in our faces, we cannot avoid the sad imagery of the starving polar bears, the declining populations of SO many endangered species, and the beaching of whales who just might be dying because of our sound and plastic pollution. These are some of the reasons I just have to be better and share with others, I have to believe that the acts of one person matter!

10 Easy Ways to Get Started Being "Green"

Happy October! Happy Halloween!

Here are some of the things I have successfully changed so far…10 Easy Ways to Get Started Being “Green”:

  1. I have a bamboo knife, fork and spoon in the car at all times for use on the road. It is about 8 years old now and still looks like new.
  2. I have cut the number of showers I take, washing up on non shower days
  3. I do not run the water while brushing my teeth (I used to)
  4. I use cut up discarded cotton T shirts for clean up rags instead of paper towels.
  5. I only use natural deodorant (that I make) no chemicals at all and it works.
  6. Recently I purchased a Luci light. An adorable little solar light which I charge and use in place of an electric nightlight every night. It has three settings, so far I have only used the lowest setting. Some models even charge phones!
  7. For years I have bought as much of my food in bulk as possible, I am a member of two local food cooperatives. This not only saves money (which is great), If you bring your own containers to refill you are using less single use plastic!
  8. Living in the country planning trips into town is a necessity. I never just hop in the car to do one errand. I wait until I have a list of things to do. Luckily so much of bill paying and banking can be done online now.
  9. This will seem obvious, but turning off lights when they are not needed. I live in a yurt, and many times just the light from the dome and the windows is enough for me.
  10. Using the small toaster oven to heat and bake foods instead of firing up the big stove/oven.
  11. Bonus – Of course there is my favorite travel mug which I am using now as I write this article in my local coffee shop. Not only saving paper, but saving money since there is a discount on coffee when you bring your own cup.

There are so many more ideas and ways to be green, and I’s sure even more as time goes on. Stay tuned for another list on in the near future. I am excited and encouraged to see that solar is becoming more realistic for the average homeowners. Portable units are actually becoming affordable!

What are your favorite ways that you have embraced to be green and save money?
Please let me know, I would love to write an article with all of your ideas. Since we all start with different ways to be green sharing will benefit us all.

Please join me and be just a bit greener today.  Kermit would be happy!

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