About Me

Have you ever written about yourself? It is not as easy as you might think. First of all, what do I start with? What will you, the reader want to know?

Here goes. Currently I live fairly simply in a yurt in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. I live on just under four acres of mostly wooded mountain land. The trees are SO tall and beautiful. I live on a hill that is at about 2900 ft. It is not uncommon to see pileated woodpeckers, black bears, and many migratory birds on a regular basis. Nature is literally in my yard and I love it!  This morning I had twin young white tail deer eating breakfast in the backyard.

Daily life is a little bit like camping. I do have running water indoors, a real indoor bathroom with a fabulous 1922 clawfoot tub that I drove from Connecticut to Virginia myself, and a small kitchen. While I contemplated on building a murphy bed, I decided on a queen mattress for comfort mainly so I could continue to use my lovely handmade in Vermont Oak Bed frame.

thriftyandgreen.netThe yurt is an affordable living option with a low carbon footprint. I am now in my eighth year in Virginia. To learn more about yurts, here is where I purchased mine: . It was erected in one day with the help of a few friends. Then I had contractors in for the plumbing and electrical installations.  I will never forget the first night I so clearly heard the owls in my trees having a conversation. Having “Fabric” walls allows you to hear natures sounds clearly.

Why I LOVE it here

Thrifty and Green

Life in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia is full of great music, history, nature, and wonderful people. There is a lot of organic food grown here and many farmers raising livestock humanely. The rolling hills and mountains and the joy I feel being surrounded by them has not lost it’s appeal. The Saturday morning farmers market is a weekly event that I just adore!  Here are a few photos from the market.

Spring and summer consist of creating stockpiles of firewood so I can be warm in the winter. The yurt stays comfortably warm even in the coldest of days with my lovely soapstone woodstove. When the weather is too wintery I do not have to drive anywhere, I just walk out to the shop. Surprisingly here in the mountains I have brand new fiber optic internet service.

I have always been artistic. Way back when I was little I started with cutting leaves out of the draperies in the living room and cutting my own bangs. In my teen years I embroidered all over my denim jacket, my mother still remembers this. Recently she asked if I still had it. Stained Glass, leather, jewelry, embroidery, knitting, painting, photography, ….I have done it all. Photography is an addiction for which I have not found the cure. Who knew that our telephones would become fabulous as cameras! All the photos on my instagram page and on my blog are mostly mine unless they are credited to another artist/photographer.


I was the first of the three girls that my parents had (and probably the most difficult). My father was amazing, he has been gone now for many years, but he loved all of his “girls” so much. He never tried to squish my rebellious spirit, I think he secretly envied it. My mom is still with us and trying to adapt to old age. My independence and rebellious spirit I think scared her a bit. She was brought up in a different generation with different roles.

I own and operate a company that makes natural products. I have done this for over ten years now. It started with just a few things being sold at the farmers market in Connecticut and it has grown steadily. Today it sells wholesale to stores and online with a long list of offerings. I have a tiny building on my property where I make the products. I just walk the path to the backyard to get to work…..a really nice commute! If you would like to visit the website:

I have always been interested in natural healing. If I am sick, herbs and nature are alway my first course of action. I have a through library on many modalities of alternative healing. I have to be pretty bad off to see an allopathic doctor. For the most part I think what we need to heal is here for us. I have years of research under my belt. I especially enjoy it when I can be of help to others. This blog seemed to be the perfect venue for being able to pay it forward and share the knowledge that I have stored.

I’ve always had a love for animals and nature. I have two wonderful dogs and a parrot. I care about our environment and what we will be leaving to the next generation. That is why on this blog I will share easy and cost effective ideas we all can take to help mother nature survive. Also I will be happy to share information on natural healing and health.

About Thrifty and Green

This blog will offer in depth articles and essays on different subjects. The instagram page will be little snippets of ideas nested amongst nature photos that I have taken. I hope you enjoy the content and ideas. If it resonates please share with your friends and family. I would really like to spread the ideas far and wide! To do that I will need your help.

If there is an idea you would like me to write about please contact me. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or collaboration ideas.Thank you so much for visiting.

Ps. If you fall in love with any of my images, I do offer them for sale on recycled aluminum. They look fabulous on this medium. Just send me a note and let me know which one and we will work out the details.